what are they saying

“My experience doing this study has been very enjoyable. Dr. Depenbusch did a very complete examination and described my eye condition with greater information than any previous doctor had done. The research staff were very personable and kind. Thank you for my participation in this study.
— Geraldine
During my time in the study for uveitis I felt that I was really able to understand a lot more about this particular defect. I can say that obtaining knowledge on this matter helped me cope a lot better than I would have not joining the study. I enjoyed every bit of the study. The time spent with Erin and Justin made me feel extremely comfortable, not only with the both of them but being able to talk about the condition I was in. I feel like the study helps people know that they are not battling this issue alone and that it is a priority to find an alternative way to control the symptoms if not cure them. I greatly appreciated the study and it helped me and made me feel just that more at ease.
— Aaron
“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me yesterday, you are the best. Thank you :) “
— Karen
It is seldom I compose communiques such as this, however I felt compelled to illuminate the performance of a member of your staff. Ms. Butler has an outstanding demeanor as a professional. She takes the time to answer questions in a professional and informative manner, thus reducing or alleviating any apprehensive feelings toward a procedure a patient might be preparing for. In addition, her care and concern of post procedural follow up with her patients is overwhelming; any patient under her charge will experience the best professional care.
— Ron
Being a part of this study has really helped me to get my eye condition under control. The medicine that was administered was very helpful and has helped to improve my eye health tremendously. The staff were amazing; every person I interacted with was very helpful and friendly (especially Erin)! They worked with me and were very flexible with my schedule. At each appointment they explained to me what was going to transpire as well as what I should expect at the next appointment. The staff was very knowledgeable and informative about the procedure and study. I was always treated with great respect and felt as though I was also contributing to the study based on my personal results of the medicine I was being administered. In participating in the study I learned more about the condition I had and how the medicine would help me as well as how it can help others in the future! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this study as well as the extension study, I appreciate everything you have done for me!
— Bonnie