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Because of DocTrials’ attention to detail, professionalism and exceptional communication skills, my small solo practice is in high demand by pharmaceutical companies on an international scale.
— Michael Depenbusch, MD
I enjoy conducting clinical research because of the obvious medical contribution —scientific advances can move from the laboratory into the physician armamentarium. In addition, clinical trials add to the academic environment of a medical practice. The proximity to basic science forces physicians to think about the pathologic and physiologic processes in disease states, sharpening clinical acumen for all patients, not just the minority involved with a trial.
Our Work with DocTrials has been nothing but delightful. Their staff is courteous, professional, and they have been a boon to our practice allowing us to offer our patients the cutting edge of medicine via participation in clinical trials without adding a dime to our cost structure.
“The DocTrials team has made participating in clinical research trials very easy. They are well organized and professional, and they provide access to many interesting projects. I have found participating in clinical research to be very rewarding.”
— Taria Qamar, MD
Working with DocTrials has been a wonderful experience for our practice. We were able to hit the ground running participating in clinical trials even after being in practice for only a few years due to DocTrials. The DocTrials team is extremely competent, thoughtful, and personable— all of which are important for conducting clinical trials. I highly recommend DocTrials for any practice interested in clinical trials.