Why Use the Physicians in DocTrials?

DocTrials is an alliance of physicians specializing in the conduct of clinical studies for Ophthalmic Specialties.  Sites in the alliance work under core standard operating procedures and quality control measures that provide a methodology ensuring best practice utilization across sites.  This provides assurance and confidence to sponsors that they will achieve quality data in the most efficient and timely manner when placing a study with DocTrials. 

Our Promise:

  • Prompt contract and budget negotiations
  • Prompt completion of regulatory documents
  • Strict adherence to the protocol and all study related procedures and processes
  • Ongoing quality assurance
  • Building trust and long term partnerships through constant communication with our sponsors and CROs

I wish all my sites were like yours!
— Tom, Sr. CRA, at a CRO
It has been a pleasure working with you and your proficient coordinators and regulatory personnel.
— Julie, CRA at a Sponsor

Our 3 Main Principles 


We understand that with the challenging and ever changing regulatory environment, sponsor and CRO communication to sites is vital to keep everyone informed.  We want you to know we hear you!  We will always promptly answer your emails, and ask questions to ensure we fully understand your study. 

Customer Care

Our customers are our patients, our monitors, our project managers, and our physicians.  We take pride in spending time and giving excellent customer service to all of these relationships. 


Whether we have just met an enrollment goal on a difficult study or a colleague has just found out she is expecting her first child - we have built a culture of support that translates to everything we do.  We hope when you and your staff visit our site, you will "feel the love."