I have to be honest ... I participated [in a clinical trial] to personally benefit from the trial, but realized that participating can contribute to society as a whole
— Michael

What happens when the study ends?

After a research study is complete, the data collected is analyzed to determine if the treatment are safe and/or of benefit. Often the findings of the study may lead to further research which may include comparing the new drug to commonly used drugs, testing safety and effectiveness in children, etc.  In some cases, the drug or device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration which means that it can be prescribed by a doctor for that disease or disorder.

Where can I learn more about studies?

Visit www.clinicaltrials.gov to learn more about clinical research studies in your area. 

Visit www.nih.gov to learn more about clinical trials and your rights as a participant in a study. 


What can I expect?

Prior to participation in a research study your doctor and research coordinator will discuss with you the purpose of the research study and why you would be a good candidate for the study. The required procedures, therapies, potential benefits and possible side effects or discomforts will be discussed.  Once all of your questions have been answered, you will be asked to sign a consent document which outlines specifics of the study.

Will I get paid for my time?

Study participants may be compensated for their time and travel to attend study visits.  In addition, study participants may receive comprehensive labs, EKGs, testing, and investigational medication at no cost.  Medical insurance is not required to participate in a clinical research study.

Should I participate in a study?

People choose to participate in clinical research studies for a number of reasons.  Some participants have been diagnosed with a disease for which no good treatment presently exists.  Some participate to gain access to cutting edge therapy and access to specialists.  Others choose to participate to help others, and improve scientific knowledge.

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