Research in Your Practice

DocTrials takes the guess work out of conducting clinical trials in your practice. We provide busy physician practices with everything they need to successfully conduct clinical trials.  Outsourcing the management of clinical trials will save you time and money.  

What we do:

  • Identify and acquire studies that are right for you and your practice.  
  • Provide you with required training including, Good Clinical Practice and Human Subject Protection Training.
  • Provide you with experienced research coordinators who work closely with you conducting patient visits and collecting clean data.
  • Provide you with experienced recruitment coordinators to assist in patient recruitment into studies including: hosting lunch & learns with referral practices, placing advertisements in the community, and conducting chart review in your practice. 
  • Provide you with experienced regulatory coordinators to ensure all institutional review board and sponsor regulations are explicitly followed. 

"Only about 1 in 8 (13%) physicians currently conduct clinical trials.  Some reasons cited include: no opportunity, too much time required, not enough personnel support, not enough resources, and burdensome paperwork."  Let DocTrials help you overcome these issues and bring research to your practice.

I work with DocTrials because I know my studies will be run efficiently from start to finish. Monitors always tell me how much they enjoy working with our team.
— Dr. Mike, Investigator

Why Should I Participate In Clinical Research?

Opportunity For Your Patients

  • Some patients participate in clinical trials because they have been diagnosed with a disease for which no good treatment presently exists.  Some participate to gain access to cutting edge therapy and access to specialists.  Others participate to help others, and improve scientific knowledge.
  • Patients are often reimbursed for their time and travel to study visits. 

Professional Development

  • Gain access to cutting edge and novel therapies.
  • Increased opportunity to consult with experts in the field
  • Personal satisfaction knowing you are contributing to the advancement of Ophthalmic Care.

Opportunity For Your Practice

  • Increase your patient base through study patient recruitment
  • Gain exposure in the community through study advertising; including radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, community outreach, and physician referral outreach. 
  • Increase profits for your practice without adding costly overhead. 




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